Company Activities

In the past 17 years, since our existence and operation, we were able to actively include
our name and to be respected entity as a company in the following areas and activities:
  • Trade with materials from black and colored metallurgy (sheets, profiles, quality steels) and others.
  • Equipment and spare parts for power plants and mines as plant stations, gears, drums, transport runs, rolls, pumps and so on.
  • Spare parts for rotary excavators, telescopic excavators, cranes, auto cranes,bulldozers, etc.
  • Spare parts for many construction machines, production of world famous brands such as:
    Gradall, Liebherr, Komatsu, Coles, ADK, Kato, Terex-Demag, JCB, Cummins, Volvo, 14 Oktobar, Locatelli, HBM-Nobas, Gehl, Scarab, Disab, KT Grant, Caterpillar, Detroit diesel and spare parts for various tractors LKT, IMT, John Deere etc.
  • We suppling our market also with all tips of exhaust systems for light and heavy vehicles.
  • Trading with all different tips of materials for sealing, Klingerit, Teflon, asbestos and non-asbestos tracery, cords and other.
  • Trading with a range of rubber products, and in the last 3 years with products from polyurethane as track wipers, runs rolls, rings, sieves, dampers, etc..
  • Trading with additional welding materials (electrodes, wires, solders, special wire for metalization etc..) And all the corresponding equipment for welding.
  • Trade with additional materials for processing metal, such as grinding materials, precision tools, measuring instruments and so on.
  • Selling of all of this products are subject to the trading activities realized through:
    • Tender contracts, almost all major public enterprises, such as:
      • AD,, Elektrani na Makedonija "- (Power plants of Macedonia),
      • JP ,, Makedonski sumi", - (Macedonian forests),
      • JP ,, Makedonija pat ", - (Macedonia roads)almost all the utilities, construction companies etc...
    • Selling direct from our warehouse and from our smaller facilities.
    • Selling ambulatory (selling from store to store ), with direct daily delivery of the goods with ours vehicles