Polyurethane components

Our company is general distributor of company ,,Yuthane" d.o.o. for Macedonian market.
Yuthane is one of the leading supplier of polyurethane industrial components, successfully
working not only on domestic area and EU, but worldwide.
Because of their outstanding properties, polyurethanes have found applications in
most important branches of industries:
mining, construction, chemical, metallurgical, food industry,tobacco, wood,
cement, brick industry, quarries etc.

Made of hot-casted polyurethane called - vulkolan (a type of artificial rubber that has much
better properties compared to rubber, plastics and related materials and is used in a wide
range of exploitation.
Various kinds of industrial components, as part of assemblies, machines and equipment :

  • Rollers, Contact wheels, Stock Material
  • Tooling, Forming Sheet and Blocks
  • Sanding Rollers, Glue/Veneer applicators
  • Rope Protectors, Fenders
  • Hydra cyclones, Track Pads
  • Print and Feeder Rollers, Cutting Sticks
  • Scrapers, Linings, Side Skirts
  • Rollers, Cots and Sleeves
  • Conveyor Parts, Grippers, Fork truck Wheels
  • Scum boards, Wheels
  • Arising Wheels, Washing rollers, Sleeves
  • Theme Park Ride Wheels, Traction Engine Wheels
Products can be made of polyurethane-only or in combination with metal or aluminum and can be made ​​from different hardness. Production is based on technical characteristics or partners drawings. The raw materials used in production are made by "DU PONT" technology.This type of polyurethane does not require the high cost of tools, not dangerous to human health and is not flammable.
Photos of several products as a concept and technical characteristics of the material